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The Link x Tesla Technology Drives Exhibition

The exhibition will showcase how innovative technology can help promote community sustainability. Visitors can have the chance to explore and experience various technologies and how they support continuous development through interactive applications. The exhibition is open to the public for free, and demonstrations will be available for some of the exhibits on weekends and public holidays. The famous five-seat premium Tesla Model S electric sedan will be displayed and become another highlight of the exhibition.

Program details

The Link x Tesla Motors Technology Drives Exhibition

Date: 8 to 28 December 2013
Time: Daily, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Venue: Stanley Plaza Amphitheatre


  1. Tesla Model S and its chassis
  2. Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) Model
  3. Solar Energy
  4. 3D Printing Technology
  5. Nanotechnology

"Zero Carbon Mission" interactive game

Date: 8 December 2013 to 28 December 2013
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Details: During the exhibition, visitors can participate in an interactive Zero Carbon Mission game, which will enable them to gain a better understanding of various common carbon reduction methods. The first 100 participants who achieve the highest scores in a single game will receive a limited edition solar charger.

Model S Test Drives

Test drives will be available during the exhibition period at Stanley so visitors can experience the fun of eco-driving in Stanley. Interested parties please call 3184 0555 to make appointment.

World of Food and Music 2013

As part of Hong Kong Wine and Dine Month organised by Hong Kong Tourism Board, Stanley Plaza will play host to the “World of Food and Music 2013” (WOFAM 2013) on Nov 10, 17 & 24 (Every Sun), Nov 30-Dec 1 to add to the jubilant atmosphere of the gourmet month. Building on the carnival party motif of the event, the year’s annual gastronomic delight at Stanley Plaza will feature “Party Game Battle” for the first time. Worldwide talents will cheer for challengers with enchanting performances, including Korean comedy show KUNG FU MUSIC KITCHEN, flair bartending, music and dance showcases that add to the party atmosphere. Treat yourself to the nation-themed homemade drinks at our Pop-Up-Bar. Better still, savour the featured delicacies in selected restaurants at Stanley Plaza and Murray House. A feast to all the senses, the breezy, joyous weekends at Stanley Plaza are not to be missed!

Party Game Battle

Adding to the festive atmosphere of the event, various world-famous party games will challenge visitors to the fierce battles for fun and praises.

Special party games include:

  •     Speed Drinking Contest
  •     Thumper
  •     Boat Race
  •     Beer Pong
  •     Flip Cup
  •     Beer Pushing Game
  •     Beer Ball
  •     Beer Can Scrabble
  •     Dizzy Stick

Date: Nov 10 & 24 (Sun), Nov 30 (Sat) & Dec 1 (Sun)
Time: 1pm-7pm
Click here to apply “Party Game Battle” party games

Korean 'Kung Fu Music Kitchen' Theatre

JUMP from Korea will take you by storm with the hilarious show that combines Kung Fu and delicacies. This is their first show at Stanley Plaza. Don't miss out!
Date: Nov 30 (Sat) & Dec 1 (Sun)
Time: 1pm-7pm

Music and Dance Performances

Music and Body language connect all cultures and races. This inborn ability to engage people will be celebrated in various dance and music performances at Stanley Plaza. Let's boogie to the beat together!
Date: Nov 10 & 24 (Sun), Nov 30 (Sat) & Dec 1 (Sun)
Time: 1pm-7pm


Savour the world's flavours at our Pop-Up-Bar with each spending of HK$200* or above at Stanley Plaza. Restaurants at Stanley Plaza are ready for the annual gourmet rendezvous.
Date: Nov 10, 17 ,24 (Sun), Nov 30 (Sat) & Dec 1 (Sun)
Time: 1pm-7pm

Taste The World at Stanley Plaza

Offering international delicacies under one roof, Stanley Plaza is the dining spot of choice offering round-the-world cuisines. Come and pamper yourself and loved ones at Stanley Plaza!

Giant Decorative Wine Bottle Exhibition By Hong Kong Tourism Board

An exhibition organized in collaboration with Hong Kong Tourism Board to present various giant decorative wine bottles, so come along and see how wining and dining can be an art form painted bottles.
Date: Nov 10(Sun) - 30(Sat)

Free shuttle

Date: Nov 10, 17 ,24 (Sun), Nov 30 (Sat) & Dec 1 (Sun)

Tsui Sha Tsui to Stanley Plaza
Time: 12:00 noon
Location: Haiphong Road ( near Silvercord)

Stanley Plaza to Admiralty
Time: 7:00pm / 8:00pm
Location: Stanley Plaza 5/F Coach Loading Area

Sunday Summer Jam 2013